Environmental Research Training Laboratories

Initiated by a grant from NSF / EPSCoR
Feedback about ERTL

Please email us with any feedback you would like to share about your experience with ERTL. gbrion@engr.uky.edu

"ERTL is not just a facility that houses scientific equipment, but it is truly a teaching facility. If this University is truly committed to becoming a top twenty research institute, I think we need all the facilities like ERTL that we can get."

Railey White
Undergraduate student

"ERTL is like a “UTOPIA” for research students – a state of the art facility manned by experienced and amiable people. This translates into considerable time saving and increased productivity for the students, and all along, they gain valuable analytical experience as well."

Ajay Makkuni
Ph.D. Student
Chemical and Materials Engineering

"Analyzing my samples at ERTL has allowed me the opportunity to be involved with every phase of sample analysis while still maintaining a high standard of accuracy and precision."

Dan Brown
Masters student
Geological Sciences

"ERTL has been the single most positive thing to have happened to my research group in the past few years."

Dr. David Atwood
Dept. of Chemistry

"I'm grateful to the ERTL staff for all their help and I feel that the facility serves as an excellent resource for many students and faculty across the UK campus."

Katie Wagner
Masters student
Plant and Soil Science

"With John’s knowledgeable instructions we are now able to run the GC completely by ourselves. Besides the large part of research work done in ERTL, the facility has also been responsible for teaching us the use of an important instrument that would be helpful to us in the future. "

Kaustav Gosh
Gifty Osei-Prempeh
Graduate Students
Chemical and Materials Engineering

"Working in ERTL not only supported my Ph.D education but also offered a great opportunity for me to know the people all over the campus and communities nearby."

Min Wang
PhD Graduate
Civil Engineering

"This facility has had an enormous impact on our research. I do not need to overemphasize the fact that the collection of instruments is better than other similar equipments found in our department and found under one roof. The most important advantage that ERTL has over other similar facilities is its people."

Niladri N Gupta
PhD student

"ERTL has allowed me to obtain outstanding quality in my research and has provided training that will allow me to stay competitive in my professional career."

Todd Aseltyne
PhD student
Geological Sciences

"The instrumental facilities at ERTL are outstanding and without having a well equiped lab like this, my research would not have been possible."

Abhijit Mukherjee
PhD Student
Geological Sciences