Environmental Research Training Laboratories

Initiated by a grant from NSF / EPSCoR
Director's Welcome

Gail Brion

Welcome to the Environmental Research and Training Laboratories (ERTL) at the University of Kentucky, “the place where students come first”.

ERTL’s mission is to increase research opportunities and improve results by offering personalized training and access to state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and techniques by providing:

• Expertise in experimental design and method development.

• Analytical training with emphasis on quality assurance and quality control.

• Well maintained scientific instrumentation covering a broad array of research areas.

• A non-restrictive and supportive research environment.

• Networking opportunities between academic researchers at UK, other state institutions, and industrial partners.

ERTL differs from other core facilities by placing the focus on student training. Our goal is for each student trained in our lab to defend their data with the confidence gained only from having been intimately involved in every step of the analytical process. With our emphasis on quality assurance and quality control, the data they produce can support patents and other research products.

ERTL is a place where researchers from many different disciplines meet and exchange ideas in an atmosphere of respect, trust, and collegial camaraderie. Disciplinary approaches merge and open up new insights into the topics at hand. Fully maintained instruments stand ready and knowledgeable professionals are close by for problem solving and support. You can measure nearly every type of environmental analyte, from individual elements to large complex molecules and microorganisms. Data can then be analyzed using statistical software, added to presentations and publications, and printed on posters at ERTL’s computer stations. ERTL users do not have to limit their research findings to the equipment they have at hand, but can expand their options with robust analytical breadth. Students find that they are no longer intimidated by lab techniques and research deadlines due to the encouragement and skilled training obtained at ERTL. This was the vision shared between two, young faculty members that started ERTL.